About The Artists

"Craft cannot be separated from art anymore than usefulness can be separated from beauty." D.M. Dooling

Lucinda Summerfield has always loved to do anything with her hands such as quilt, sew and knit. She was taught at an early age to sew by her Mother, beginning with designing small quilts for her friends. She still creates quilts today, like her current Juniper series. She was always encouraged to pursue any craft idea she had which has led her down many roads.

Lucinda grew up in Bend, Oregon living most of her adult life in Sisters while raising her four children. However, she along with her family has been lucky enough to live in several different places throughout the years, including Tokyo, Hong Kong and Thailand. This Asian influence often shows in her work.

Tricia Biesmann was knitting and crocheting with her Mother and Grandmother by the time she was eight years old. Working with different textures and color has fascinated her since then.

Using her talents from the last 50 years she has designed wearable art, taught classes to children and adults and kept her love alive by learning and developing new techniques.

Tricia recently retired from a 33 year teaching career and she lives in Bend, Oregon with her husband.

Together, Tricia and Lucinda's energetic passion and energy results in a beautiful dance that combines their knowledge, skill, and the unknown element that truly makes creating art possible. Both of them are able to think outside the box and their creative collaboration pushes them beyond what either can do alone.